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Name:Dreamwidth Atlantis
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Community description:Stargate Atlantis in all its forms
Welcome to Drewamwidth Atlantis. Or SGA on Dreamwidth.


There wasn't community on dreamwidth for Atlantis and given the nature of the show and the size of its fandom I felt there needed to be one! So here it is. You may post fan art, fan fic, vids, graphics or simple discussion points - anything that you'd expect in a general interest SGA comm.

We're open to slashers, shippers or those who just like a good dose of gen. If you're a fan of the show and behave well, you're welcome here.


- Be kind to others

- Put anything too large behind a cut. This means more than the three icon preview, fic headers or a small sample of your art work. It also means anything more than a few paragraphs of a discussion.

- If your post contains something not suitable for those at work or indeed minors please mark it as such both in the text and through the age restriction box when you post.

- If you're posting about something that shouldn't, technically, be posted such as download requests or actual downloads please lock it so only members can see.

- No character bashing. This doesn't mean you have to like every character, or even have to be positive about them. But being critical isn't the same as bashing. Same also goes for OTPs you don't follow and their fans.

- Don't go overboard with the rich text, no giant and sparkling text above the cut thank you.

And whilst not a rule, if you could tag your own posts that would be much appreciated.
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